This is your moment to be part of a miracle.

Give to $2million in 2022

ConnectPoint Church has stepped out in crazy faith! Our mission is to connect people to God and community. We are a growing community of people of diverse backgrounds, colors and races. We love the greater Cedar Rapids community.

God is calling us to do MORE to reach our community. We are out of room and we need to expand our main facility to support the growth that God is bringing. This is His church and we know He will provide!

Since 2020 we’ve grown 120% and have seen many people connect to God.

Since 2020:


Filled with the Holy Ghost


Baptized in Jesus Name


First Time Guests



Rendering 1

Rendering 2

Rendering 3

And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.
(Luk 18:27)

Why Give?

We want to help bless and heal our community more. We envision opening more locations, a House of Hope, sending Missions Teams, more Small Groups, and leading more people to Christ.

Our vision exceeds our current footprint and resources, and to Lord is impressing us to grow. So we are stepping out in crazy faith. We are believing God to help us raise $2 million in 2022!

God doesn’t make you give. Giving and generosity is something that you’re invited to do. You can be a part of this miracle. Join us in a miracle!

Give to $2million in 2022

We love supporting our community!

Give to $2million in 2022

ConnectPoint Stories

Watch some stories of members of the ConnectPoint Community.


A Release Point of God’s Supply

God has called you to be a release point of His supply. If you squeeze and hold onto what God has given you, then you stop up the free flow of God’s provision.

The only variable is you and how much you squeeze. The flow will match the width at which you release.

God’s supply is limitless. Whatever He releases is instantly replaced by His resources. Therefore, the release can also become limitless. God can supply all our needs. Therefore, need is limited God’s provision is not.

Need is limited, God is not!! He’ll do it for us AND you!

Consider being used as a release point and seeing what God will do in your life by helping ConnectPoint reach this goal.

Give to $2million in 2022